13yo helps dad hook marlin

Saturday July 13, 2019 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Nga Takaiti and his daughter Tevaerangi catching yellowfin off the coast of Rarotonga. 19071203 Nga Takaiti and his daughter Tevaerangi catching yellowfin off the coast of Rarotonga. 19071203

Born and raised in Aitutaki, Nga Takaiti, has always held his love for the sea close to heart.


Nga is now living his dream of running a fishing charter business on his new boat Te Kiva Nui and is offering others the ocean experience that he fell in love with himself.

Nga says: “In Aitutaki they have a massive lagoon and every child who grew up there has a connection with the island, the lagoon and the sea.”

When Nga was young, his grandad Mokoenga Kavana set up one of the first fishing charters in Aitutaki.

It was only a small boat, Nga says, but during those times of fishing out in the blue ocean around the Aitutaki paradise he found a passion for the sport and the fisherman’s lifestyle.

Back in the old days almost 40 years ago, when Nga was young, he says it was very easy to catch big yellowfin tuna just over the reef and they didn’t have to go far or spend hours looking for fish.

He says on the fishing trips with his grandad they were able to bring back a boatload of fish, but nowadays it’s very difficult.

Six years ago Nga bought his first boat, an old marine ply boat, and from then on he couldn’t keep off the water.

He bought his second boat Te Kiva Nui and decided to do what he loves full-time and take charters out every day of the week.

Nga’s wife Iti Pou Ana has been supporting him all the way, and also shares the same passion for adventure and fishing.

Their son Vainearii, 13, loves going on the boat and helping out as a deckhand and their daughter Tevaerangi, 11, is also learning how to fish.

Nga said one of his favourite trips was going out with his son, and taking another father and son out too. On that trip he says they caught a huge marlin that weighed 231 kilograms.

“I was lucky to have my son out with me that day to help me fight the fish,” says Nga.

On Nga’s fishing charter Te Kiva Nui you can go fishing, cruising on the sea to watch the sunset or take a trip out to do some snorkelling.

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