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Saturday July 06, 2019 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Rachel Baxter and her son Mani. 19070409 Rachel Baxter and her son Mani. 19070409

When Rachel Baxter and her family came home for a holiday in Rarotonga, she noticed how many new holiday villas and BnBs were being built – and she spotted a business opportunity.

A favourite pamper experience for tourists at big resorts is getting their nails done. But what about locals and those independent travellers in private accommodation?

This year, nail technician Rachel Baxter realised they to would welcome the opportunity to have their nails painted – and so she opened a mobile manicure services, KaiMani Nails Rarotonga.

If a customer wants her nails – or his nails – done, they don’t need to go to a salon. They call Rachel’s salon to their home.

And it makes it easier for Rachel too – because when she’s at her own home, her young son and daughter want their nails done too!

Rachel does elegant hand-painted nail art using small brushes and offers a professional nail service, in the comfort of her customer’s home or holiday accommodation.

Rachel said the main reason for starting her part time business is when her and her family came on holiday to Rarotonga they noticed so many accommodations being built.

“These people are missing out on the whole resort experience of being pampered so I thought it would be cool to have a mobile nail service,” she said.

However, Rachel said she has been trying to keep up with the local demand for colourful nail art instead.

A lot of people got their nails done during Christmas last year and that was a busy time for Rachel. 

Usually when people are going on holiday they really want to get their nails done before they leave, she said.

She said some people are often concerned that gel manicure products can damage their nails.

She uses a Japanese product called soft gel which is healthy to use with no toxic fumes, it doesn’t cause any damage to peoples natural nails and when looked after correctly, a set of gel nails will last 3-4 weeks chip free.

For about a year, Rachel has been doing nails in Rarotonga.

She and her husband Charles Wigmore decided to move back to Rarotonga last year with their daughter Kaia who is 5 years old and their son Mani who is 2.

“We wanted to move closer to family. It’s been really great here, the kids are getting to spend time with cousins and aunties.”

She said it’s been a challenge trying to balance looking after the kids and designing beautiful nails.

“Every time I get my nail stuff out to do my nail samples, Kaia asks if I can do her nails too,” she laughs.

Now Rachel is available on Wednesdays and Fridays at the V.I.P hair studio on the backroad in Takuvaine. To make an appointment you can call her on 81 513.

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