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Saturday March 09, 2019 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Lausapai Nikoro (left) and Jana Welsch in front of the KiteSUP exclusive retail shop in Muri. 19030805 Lausapai Nikoro (left) and Jana Welsch in front of the KiteSUP exclusive retail shop in Muri. 19030805

From humble beginnings, KiteSUP was just a beach-based activity business that eventually grew to establishing an exclusive retail surf shop in the hub of Muri in 2012.


Brynn and Ina Nooroa, KiteSUP owners, knew that having a home base of a store front was crucial to the growth of their business. 

So with minimal stock to put into their new retail shop, they started by pushing not only their own company's activities, but other operator’s products as well.

Gradually they saved to start stocking their store with clothing, snorkelling gear, footwear, and swimwear retailing brands such as -  VISSLA and SisstrEvolution, Moana Road, ILABB, Freez, Moontide and Piha, Rusty and Rito and Hammamas.

Brynn and Ina carefully selected each brand they supply to ensure they are fashionable, functional, environmentally friendly, and selected to their store.

KiteSUP is a boutique water sports company specialising in kitesurfing lessons, paddle board tours, snorkel tours and offer a wide variety of water based activities for all levels and abilities.

The company takes pride in their conscious choices to be an environmentally responsible business, such as requesting all of their suppliers to exclude any unnecessary packaging, consolidating orders to reduce their carbon footprint, recycling all packaging, and suppling brands and products that align with these same values.

KiteSUP is passionate on issues concerning the environment, coordinating the monthly Ocean Beach clean up day last Friday that collected 280kgs of trash from the beach and sea area surrounding Trader Jacks.

KiteSUP has grown from a seasonal business that in the past would close down for 3 months in the summer, to now operating year round employing full and part time staff.

Kiteboarding lessons are offered, Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP), Sea Scooter Snorkel Tours, Day and Night SUP/Kayak Tours, Paddle Board Yoga and more.

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