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Dr Selena Nicholas-Bublick with artist and Cousin Clive Nicholas from Polynesian Tattoos. 18032801 Dr Selena Nicholas-Bublick with artist and Cousin Clive Nicholas from Polynesian Tattoos. 18032801

Although living in the US and working as a neurologist, Dr Selena Nicholas-Bublick strives to share her Rarotongan heritage with the world through her educational fantasy adventure series Tiare and the Circle of Worlds.


Her writing is an amalgamation of the traditional and modern creating a wonderfully fresh book series for those interested in Polynesian culture and legends.  Local artist and cousin Clive Nicholas from Polynesian Tattoos collaborated on her latest book by providing the artwork and illustrations. 

Using her children as the main characters and every day events as inspiration, the books intertwine reality with fantasy, and incorporate a wealth of educational material throughout the narrative. Polynesian culture and legends are featured prominently throughout the books and characters such as Katikatia and Ina the shark rider are reimagined. 

Book one introduces the Circle of Worlds and the Black Pearl warriors from the dark world of Mak, while book two takes the children on an epic Vaka Eiva race and features Rarotongan words peppered throughout the text. 

Book three explores the mysteries of a place called the Dreaming. Book four illustrates the importance of Mother Nature and the gifts and resources she provides, while book five is a teenage love story set in the Circle of Worlds.

The books are appropriate for a middle school to young adult audience or anybody wishing to be introduced to the colorful and rich heritage of the Cook Islands and surrounding Oceanic lands in a thrilling mythical adventure. 

The books can be found online worldwide at and more information about them can be found at Hard copies are available to borrow at the Cook Islands Library and Museum in Avarua.

Dr Nicholas-Bublick grew up in Rarotonga and after leaving Tereora College went on to study in Australia. 

She then became the first Cook Islander to attend Johns Hopkins University in the United States and completed her medical training at the University of Toledo Medical School.  Dr Nicholas-Bublick works as a neurologist in Ohio. Her books allow her to promote the Cook Islands and teach others about her homeland. 

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