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Monday January 08, 2018 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
ZUU Kuki members after a session at the BCI Stadium in Nikao last month. 18010515 ZUU Kuki members after a session at the BCI Stadium in Nikao last month. 18010515

Local gym instructor and fitness expert Tamaiti Samson is hoping to take the Liberating Human Movement or ZUU, of which he is an affiliate, to another level this year.


From small beginnings two years ago, the ZUU Kuki family in Rarotonga has grown by leaps and bounds with people of all ages taking advantage of the fitness programme.

It has also given a new lease of life to some of its members here who have been struggling with weight and other health issues.

Samson, who runs TMS Fitness, said he was excited with the success ZUU Kuki had gained since its inception in 2016.

“We had a humble start with only few members but the numbers quickly grew and now we have over 100 members who have experienced ZUU,” Samson said.

“Some of the members have been from the start, while others have rejoined us in our drive to promote a healthy and fit community.”

ZUU is a registered bodyweight training programme created by Australian Nathan Helberg. It has its origins in elite sports and physical training methods used by the military.

Over the years, ZUU has become an integral part of physical training used by both sectors for pre-season training, game-specific conditioning, rehabilitation, confined space training, remote location training and frontline troop training where equipment is unavailable or inaccessible.

After a course in January last year, Samson introduced the challenging Iron ZUU which mixes free weights with movement, taking the world’s most sought fitness programme to another level.

Last year he also introduced Ankorr, a multi-planar resistance harness used by military and elite sports, to the members.

“As I said before, ZUU is all about breaking down barriers. Together with its freestyle best fitness methods, it’s also about bringing back the human touch. That’s the major focus and I think of the best features about ZUU,” he said.

“Iron ZUU which has gained some popularity among the members is a level up and it brings massive benefits to the people of the Cook Islands.”

ZUU Kuki has amassed positive reviews from those who have tried the training programme.

The group’s youngest member, Sarah Tiare Napa, said she was fascinated with the culture ZUU promoted among its members.

“My parents encouraged me to give ZUU a try with trainer Tamaiti Samson. At first I was nervous and very shy, because I was going to train with a mixed group of people I hardly knew,” she said.

“The unique thing about ZUU is its culture. It brings in a culture which promotes interaction amongst people.

“Up until now, I have enjoyed exercising with a lot of people using ZUU, and have made a lot of new friends along the way. Simple movements like frog squats, half hindus, bear crawls, gorillas, cobras, snakes, just to name a few, that have enhanced me to be active in my life. I can see new changes as well.”

Samson said they were open for registration for their programmes this year, starting on January 15 at Tupapa Centre.

“TMS Fitness, ZUU Kuki HQ is bringing you a whole new package. Our purpose is to serve our people. Laying the foundation of pure movement to help every individual value it for life,” Samson said.

“If you’re wanting to make a change in your health and fitness lifestyle or step it up to a whole new level, our qualified trainers, generals, sub-leaders and ZUU Kuki family welcome you into the trenches where we bleed that good oil together.

“We’re all bonded by suffering and no one gets left behind for finishing first is irrelevant in our culture but finishing together is purpose.”

Samson thanked the sponsors and all the ZUU Kuki members for their support throughout 2017.

For more information, visit the TMS Fitness Facebook page.

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