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Barber’s passion becomes a business

Monday October 16, 2017 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Nigel Hoefl ich is passionate about barbering and always seeks to give his clients their best look. 17101238 Nigel Hoefl ich is passionate about barbering and always seeks to give his clients their best look. 17101238

What was once a hobby has turned into a full-time business for successful young barber Nigel Hoeflich who runs Three Brothers Barbershop.

The business has been in operation for just over a year, and Hoeflich said it has been a successful journey.

The 23-year-old has been cutting hair for 11 years and said it has always been his passion.

“Before I got a business going, I used to cut hair from home after working at my full-time job.”

Hoeflich said it was when he walked into a barbershop in Australia that he thought, “Why not be a barber fulltime”.

“I decided to save up and bring hair cutting equipment back to Rarotonga, where I would begin my business.”

Hoeflich returned to the island, met up with a friend and decided to open up Three Brothers Barbershop.

Although Hoeflich one of three brothers, he isn’t actually operating the business with his brothers.

“Three Brothers is just a made up name. We tried to come up with a name and we decided on “Three Brothers” because of me and my two brothers, but they couldn’t jump on board because they had jobs at the time, so I thought I would do it by myself,” he said. Three Brothers Barbershop is located in Nikao at the new SuperBrown store where Hoeflich turned an old storage room into a barbershop.

“I remembered this spot was just a storage room, and I thought this would work for us. So I approached the owners if I could turn it into a barber shop and now we really love the location.”

Three Brothers Barbershop has all sorts of hair “types” walk in each day and Hoeflich says it is entirely up to the client what they want.

“Basically with us, it is really about the client. It’s not what we want to give them, it’s about what the client wants,” Hoeflich said.

“I laugh at some people because they come in wanting those African-styled haircuts, but their hair is super-straight.

“We still try get it close, but I always tell them it’s not going to look exactly like that, because your hair and head shape is completely different,” he said, laughing.

Since Three Brothers Barbershop has opened up, Hoeflich and his team have had call outs to do wedding haircuts and they’ve even had visiting musicians wanting haircuts before a performance.

Hoeflich said running a successful barber’s shop was just a matter of opening up a full-time business.

“People tried to get (me to do) haircuts while I was working at my other job, but now that I have opened up the business full-time, it has been way easier to focus solely on haircutting.”

Towards the end of the month, Three Brothers Barbershop will be honing their skills with renowned Christchurch barber business “Kuki Cutters” and running workshops to help teach young students with an interest in barbering.

“There are guys out there who are wanting to learn how to cut, but aren’t learning the proper way, so this will be a great opportunity for them to learn techniques and upskill in barbering,” he said.

Hoeflich says he wants to use his experience to create a career path way for other young people who are passionate about barbering.

Three Brothers Barbershop is planning to expand with the opening up of another shop in Tupapa.

“People said running a business is hard when you first get started, but I have really enjoyed the journey.

“And seeing local people come in and meeting new people every day makes it all worth it,” Hoeflich said.