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Saturday April 08, 2017 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Prime Minister Henry Puna and his wife Akaiti were at the event. 17040711a Prime Minister Henry Puna and his wife Akaiti were at the event. 17040711a

During the Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA) 21st AGM and Tradeshow 2017 opening night on Monday, Huawei announced its partnership with the local operator.


The company is now an exclusive network provider for Bluesky. The Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company has deployed a 4.5G LTE-Advanced network solution in South Pacific, upgrading from its existing 2G/3G network, to meet increasing demand for mobile applications and services in American Samoa, Samoa, and the Cook Islands.

The system is designed specifically to accommodate mobile internet and data more efficiently and during a live test performed at the launch, the network recorded an impressive 500Mbps single user throughput speeds.

It is now considered to be the fastest network in the Pacific Islands and will enable faster and more reliable connectivity throughout the islands to help fuel social and economic growth.

Bluesky Cook Islands country manager Phill Henderson, said: “Bluesky's collaboration with Huawei marks a new era of high-speed communications for the Bluesky Group of Companies in American Samoa, Samoa and the Cook Islands.

“In many parts of these islands wire-line deployments are not feasible from a logistical and cost perspective. So using LTE-A will bring mobile internet to areas that previously had no or limited internet access.

“By delivering high speed, low latency, and huge capacity, the innovative LTE-A solution from Huawei will enable us to provide an ultra-fast mobile broadband experience for consumers and businesses, crucial for social and economic growth.

“For the Cook Islands in particular, it enhances our Universal Service offering and ensures that Cook Islands' users have access to the most current technological offering available, supported by a world class partner in Huawei.”

Jack Xu, chief executive officer of Huawei Fiji, said: “High-speed communications will form the foundation of the future for the Pacific Islands, enabling a fully connected island nations where mobile-enabled digital devices become flexibly integrated into citizens' daily lives.

“We are collaborating with telecom operators, like Bluesky and other ecosystem players, to help them embrace new ICT technologies such as Cloud Services, Wireless-to-the-Premise (WTTx), and LTE-A networks, providing them with the capabilities to meet demands for innovative services and applications such as e-health, e-government and smart tourism.”

The 4.5G LTE-A network features enhanced use of multi-antenna techniques and support for Replay Nodes (RN) to help operators boost network capacity and performance. This means they are able to offer high quality voice and data services.

Strengthening the value of LTE-A is the WTTx solution which allows Bluesky to offer fibre-like broadband to businesses and homes, even in “geographically-challenged” areas.

WTTx can tap into existing mobile base solutions without having to pull cables, allowing faster deployment without extra investment in infrastructure. 

The partnership marks an important milestone for communications in the Pacific Islands, enabling Bluesky to deploy a centralised online charging system to provide flexible service bundles for businesses and consumers.

VoLTE will allow users to benefit from better voice quality and rich communications services that improve daily life, such as e-learning, watching videos, gaming, and working while on-the-move.

This will ultimately attract more subscribers, helping Bluesky to improve revenues and business growth and position it as a leading operator in the Pacific Islands.

Following Huawei's technology investment over the past few years, the Pacific Islands are connecting to the digital world through reliable and higher-speed internet connectivity to improve the lives of its citizens.

Huawei says it will continue to focus on advancing the development of ultra-broadband access networks with technologies such as LTE-A to “connect the unconnected” and bring innovative services to the region.


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