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Candy transforms coconut flesh

Monday July 04, 2016 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Douglas Bayley at his roadside stall at Paringa Ru, Tikioki. 16062928 Douglas Bayley at his roadside stall at Paringa Ru, Tikioki. 16062928

DRIVING down Titikaveka side from Avarua at Paringa Ru, Tikioki you can’t help but notice a small yellow signboard on the right side of the road that reads “Aunty Pat’s Coco Candy.”


The signboard is next to a small stall where you will find different-flavoured products, all made out of coconut flesh.

The stall is operated by Douglas Tetupu Ariki Bayley and the products are inspired by his mother, Aunty Pat, as she is known to many.

“Our business is all about coconuts using my mother’s secret recipes to spice up flavours and introducing different ideas that excite the tastebuds,” said Bayley.

“My mother has always had a passion for cooking and is always coming up with new ideas and food experiments by adding flavours or ingredients. And interestingly, these are all coconut-based products which when you think about it, is mind-blowing.”

Bayley said the product was unique on Rarotonga.

“If you love coconuts and up for tasting something new out of them, make your way down here and try out these products that are so tempting, you might just want to purchase some and take home with you.

“Come and taste free samples of the products and drink some coconut juice. The taste is going to be very delicious, I guarantee you, and if you like it, you can always buy some to take back home with you.”

Aunty Pat’s Coco Candies are cooked and baked under strict hygiene conditions and can be taken overseas, too.

“We have been having tourists who come and visit us here, they buy the products they liked they take with them back home to where they come from and it is no threat to quarantine or whatsoever,” he said.

Bayley added that as a sole trader, his business was small and easy to manage.

“It’s a good business and is all about giving back to my mother for all her positive energies on this project.”

Flavoured coconut products include coco, cinnamon, honey, coco salt and pepper, coco ginger flavour, coco hot chilli lime and coco “coffee connoisseur.”

The little stall also sells lots of ei and beautifully designed pareus..

“Keep everything small and simple and that way everything is easier,” Bayley says.

“I chose coconut products and the sources of my raw materials are just within my compound. The smaller the business, the easier it is.”

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