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Funky fitness vibe hits Amuri

Friday April 15, 2016 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Over 40 Aitutaki women attended the first Koni Size programme, despite wet weather. 16041512 Over 40 Aitutaki women attended the first Koni Size programme, despite wet weather. 16041512

“Shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty,” are the lyrics of a popular song and they describe exactly what the ladies of Aitutaki are going to be doing at 5pm every Mondays from now on at the Amuri Community Hall.

A fresh new funky fitness vibe is sweeping through the hot streets of Amuri, as legendary professional Cook Islands dancer Diane Collier shares her childhood skills and lifetime passion with the enthused female demographic of Aitutaki.

Wanting to make a difference in her community and for her people, Diane was approached by a few ladies within the community seeking someone of her calibre to start a programme that women would not only enjoy but would get them fit at the same time.

Cultural dancing is a huge part of Diane’s DNA and helping people is something she also enjoys doing.

“It’s about feeling good about yourself, and knowing that what you are doing is constructively impacting your life and the lives of others in a positive way.”

Great at holding a vocal tune, tailoring fashionable garments, running hospitality divisions and her all-time favourite, being an exceptional mum, Diane is hoping that through her community fitness programme, she will be able to fuse all her talents together to establish a business with an eclectic approach very soon.

“I have decided that this is the year for me to just do ‘me.’

So she has decided it’s time for her to put her many talents and skills to work.

Diane’s closest friends who asked to stay anonymous, say Cook Islands dancing has played a significant part of Diane’s life ever since she was a little girl.

“And she is not just good, she is amazing.”

“A girl with many talents,” are the words those who know Diane often use to describe her.

She has an infectious smile, strong personality, kind heart and warm demeanour, and Koni Size could not have found a better instructor.

Asked about the name and how it came about, Diane says it was her younger sister Donna, who lives in Australia, who “sealed the deal” with her suggestions.

“The ‘Koni’ part was easy, as that is the Aitutaki word for ‘dance’, however when trying to think of the second word to fully explain what I was trying to achieve, it was Donna who thought of the word ‘size’. ‘Dance to your desired size’ – Koni Size,” says Diane.

“Once I wrapped my head around it, I knew it was genius.

“It is not about making a million dollars, because to me, helping people is a rich reward in itself.”

Diane says the programme is the first step to her ultimate “eclectic” master plan.

“I want to eventually design my own fitness clothing line, and start my own Cook Islands dance school.”

“And I want to develop great Cook Islands dancers.”

Privileged to have been taught the art of her culture through culturally-aware parents Sonny and Gina Williams, embracing this line of career is her way to show her appreciation, says Diane.

“I want to give Cook Islanders the same special opportunity I was given.”

Koni-Size officially launched last Monday at the Amuri Community Hall and despite the wet weather and the numerous other events happening on the island that did not keep 40-plus eager ladies away.

“The turnout was amazing and unexpected,” says Diane.

“Especially seeing the children with their pareus or for some their jumper/jackets wrapped round their bums to give them that dramatic ‘patu’. That was beautiful.”

CI News was happy to have been a part of the launch, and confirms that amongst the diverse mix there were not just average new beginner dancers but also a few professional dancers who just wanted to come along for the fitness.

Diane encourages every young, middle aged, old and visiting female to come and join her every Monday  as it’s not about separating the good from the bad, or the talented from the untalented dancers, it’s all about you and your health’ and making you feel happy in the body God has given you.

So ladies, grab your pareus along with your mum, sister and friend, and let’s dance our sizes away.

For more information please contact Diane on 73310.

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