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‘All you need is love,’ says café owner

Saturday March 12, 2016 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
Nathan Ivaiti and his new business venture ‘The Love Café’. 16031156 Nathan Ivaiti and his new business venture ‘The Love Café’. 16031156

Making everything out of “love” is the key ingredient this new little Matavera gem is using to become a success.


Owner Nathan Ivaiti reckons he has nothing but love for the delicious sweet and savoury treats he makes daily, along with his rich creamy coffee beverages that leave a ‘moreish’ taste in your mouth from the first sip.

Moving back home after a two-year stint on the island of Aitutaki, Nathan knew that one day he would return, and based on his childhood passion, he also knew that owning a café was what he truly wanted to do.

He says inspiration for the name “The Love Café” came from his late father, Harry Ivaiti.

“When I was living in Aitutaki my dad would call me every week to catch up and to just see how life was going.

“Then one day he told me that I should rename the café I was working for in Aitutaki to ‘The Love Café’ because he said everything I cooked, made and finished, was all out of love.”

Nathan wasn’t too keen on the idea at the time, the name was put on the back shelf for a rainy day.

However, it wasn’t until Nathan’s return to Rarotonga after the passing of his dad that he took the idea further and began the planning his own café.

“My oldest brother Sholan suggested that I name my café after our dad, and that’s when I remembered the name he suggested to me while in Aitutaki, and that’s how “The Love Café” officially became a reality.”

And he says it has always been his life’s dream to have his own café.

“Before relocating to Aitutaki, I attended Waikato University, where I was undergoing studies in history, screen and media. But then I realised it wasn’t quite for me, so here I am.”

Nathan says a huge part of getting to where he is today was through his four brothers and most importantly, his mother.

“It was through their constant encouragement, advice and support that I motivated myself to make my dream a reality and to take The Love Café to the top.”.

Business is picking up rapidly and Nathan says because he is on his own, his mum helps him when she can, which to him has made the café that much more special.

The Love Café is open Monday through to Saturday from 7am to 4pm and offers a full island breakfast for those needing that morning boost, or a variety of quick lunch options that can be grabbed on the go.

So come one come all to the Love Café for that great beverage and or even greater food, as you can guarantee there is enough love to go around.

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