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Saturday February 13, 2016 Written by Published in Hot on the Rock
The dynamic Club Raro ‘Triad’ (from left) Candice Richards, Charlene Heather and Glenda Tuaine starting a new era of change. 16021201 The dynamic Club Raro ‘Triad’ (from left) Candice Richards, Charlene Heather and Glenda Tuaine starting a new era of change. 16021201

The ‘Triad’ is taking over

A new management team has taken over at the infamous Club Raro resort in Tupapa, with a savvy new, fresh, upbeat and vibrant female management style, they call themselves the ‘Triad’.

Those who are familiar with the popular TV series Charmed will know that the Triad was the most powerful group of three super beings that was near to impossible to defeat.

Glenda Tuaine, Charlene Heather and Candice Richards have taken on the challenge to recreate the Club Raro brand and infusing the old with the new to develop a great holiday vacation spot everyone knows it can be.

Tuaine has taken on the role of Sales and Marketing Manager and is well known to many as the voice behind successful entertainment company Motone.

Tuaine brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and a passion that is indescribable.

“Club Raro has what it takes to be the best three star resort on the island, and that is what I intend to make it with the support of my team,” she says.

Her industry experience goes beyond 20 years, with 11 of those spent here in Rarotonga.

“I love Club Raro, and soon everyone will too,” she says.

Charlene Heather, a familiar face at Club Raro, has been with the resort for the past 13 years and is well aware of the many ups, downs and the arounds it has faced during this time.

In taking on the role of Operations Manager, Heather is confident that with her new team members, the only way for the resort now is up.

“Everyone in the resort is excited about the new changes, and we are determined to give our employees the right training and tools to be the best in their fields.

“A starting point for us is to identify the strengths in each staff member and to work alongside them to maximise their potential for both the benefit of the resort and themselves.” 

“Gone are the days where people are placed in positions because of gaps in the structure, now we intend to follow through and place people in positions that utilizes their full potential and challenges them to excel.”

There to offer a new flavour to the mix is hospitality and finance extraordinaire, Candice Richards of Rotorua, New Zealand.

With financial control being her strength, she is Finance and Administration Manager, the third link to the management chain.

Richards has over ten years’ experience in both the hospitality and finance industries and after a brief visit in 2015 and upon her return to Rotorua, she knew that Rarotonga was where she really wanted to be.

“Nothing fazes me, I take everything head on and with a fresh outlook, I basically let the negative brush straight past me.

“The great thing about being a part of such a team as the Triad is that we all have the same goals, we all believe in the same things, so all that is needed is for us to do what we do best.”

“Our management style maybe new to the Cook Islands, but is not to the rest of the world, and we are not afraid to give it a try,” says Tuaine.

After just three weeks on the job, the Triad has seen significant changes to the entire morale and energy of the staff.

“Everyone seems happier, empowered and fearless when it comes to offering better suggestions to how things can be improved.” says Heather.

With a focus on being the best, the Triad admits that in order to be the best, they have to learn from the best.

With an open door policy, Tuaine told CI News that a big part of their initiatives will be to garner constructive feedback.

“We welcome feedback as we believe that we will only be able to get better if we are shown the areas that need improvement.”

With their latest success being that of the “Rumba”, this is just one example of the creativity and high standards the public can expect from this female force.

With a total of 72 rooms and 35 staff, Club Raro is on its way to the top and is leaving no prisoners behind; all that can be said for now is “Watch this space”. 


  • Comment Link RON STEPHEN WHITE Saturday, 29 July 2017 00:47 posted by RON STEPHEN WHITE

    I was the GM of Club Raro in 2001. Looks" good on you'. I left to work in the Bahamas at a new resort which was rated the best 5 star property in the out-islands. I would like to buy the old Sheraton or what ever it is called now. Does any one really know who the owners are?

  • Comment Link Rachel Lawler  Rima Shepherd Tuesday, 16 February 2016 20:44 posted by Rachel Lawler Rima Shepherd

    Kia Orana,
    We came and stayed at Club Raro . My first time in Rarotonga an 32 years since Rima had been back home. We absolutely loved our stay at Club Raro . The staff were so friendly , the whole place was relaxed an enjoyable . Thank you

  • Comment Link Jim Clarke Monday, 15 February 2016 12:28 posted by Jim Clarke

    It is the Best Resort on the island & the friendliest, it is the only place I will stay.

  • Comment Link William Numanga Saturday, 13 February 2016 13:18 posted by William Numanga

    This is great and its about time. I look forward to the improvements and the buzz that will hopefully be created from the changes and the new Triad management team. Even though the property has a 3 star industry rating, it should not be reflected in the service it hopes to provide and the quality and cost of the accommodation. Good luck to Glenda and her team.

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