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IT’S BEEN a year of sequels and remakes that have really captured the heart and soul of the entertainment industry.

IT’S BEEN a heck of a week, and I thought it went by pretty quickly.

BEFORE I get judged for what will follow next, let me clarify something.

IT WASN’T that hard to choose the magic-theme heist tale Now You See Me 2 over horror thriller The Conjuring 2.

SOME THINGS are better left untouched.

And one of them has to be the Ninja Turtles.

THE DIRECTOR of 2010 fantasy adventure movie Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton was not wrong when he said the fairytale that inspired the movie was like, “drugs for children.”

It’s been an emotional week for me for various reasons, actually.

A tale of families and love

Saturday May 14, 2016

Move aside Civil War, Deadpool and all the finest movies so far this year.

Sometimes you have to give things a second look to better understand them.

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