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HOLLYWOOD is establishing a trend for casting a diverse range of actors in most of its money-spinning franchises.

Monster Trucks a let down

Monday January 16, 2017

It TAKES a brave, or a foolhardy studio to launch a new feature film aimed at kids into what has become a crowded market.

Red Dog back in superb prequel

Monday January 09, 2017

WHEN THEY say a dog is a man’s best friend, trust me, they mean it.

The ‘feel good’ movie of the year

Wednesday December 28, 2016

THE TAGLINE for Sing is "The feel good movie of the year!", and they're not far off.

IT’S GOOD to be back after missing the last couple of columns.

This might sound familiar: A Disney animation film about a bright and spirited young woman who feels stifled by outmoded expectations and dreams of exploring beyond the confines of her home.

Story of a man who would not kill

Monday November 14, 2016

WHEN OUR family first found and accepted Christ as our saviour, my weekends were pretty doomed.

A magical treat with Dr Strange

Monday November 07, 2016

THERE IS a lot happening around the island at the moment, so it’s little wonder the Empire Cinema isn’t premiering any new movies this weekend.

BEN AFFLECK just made accountants look so damn cool.

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