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Golden Circle action all the way

Monday September 25, 2017

What is the etiquette in movie theatres?

Goodtime movie has heartfelt message

Monday September 18, 2017

Man – oops, girl, that was a funny movie.

Wind River well worth watching

Monday September 11, 2017

“Snow and silence”

The opening scenes in American Made look as though someone saw the 2016 film Sully, also a true story about a pilot, and learned all the wrong lessons.

Think about if you’ve seen this before: A young boy or girl (but usually a boy), lives in a world where he just doesn’t feel right, where he doesn’t totally fit in.

There must have been once upon a time when a door closing ominously in the background would have made audiences afraid, or lights flickering on and off must have had people squeezing their partner’s hand in fright.

One of the hardest things to do in film is to finish a trilogy on a satisfying note.

At first Dunkirk sounded like some battalion name to me when the trailer of this movie was released at the Empire Cinema.

There are few pleasures in the world that match seeing the words, “A film by Edgar Wright”, appear on the title screen.

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