Captain Hanks thrills in Sully’

Tuesday September 13, 2016

TOM HANKS sure suits the military rank of captain.

True story inspires War Dogs

Saturday September 03, 2016

A WAR should theoretically end with a winner and a loser.

THERE ARE only a few things that are a bit different about the 2016 epic historical action drama film Ben-Hur.

WHEN THE song Poi E was played somewhere at the beginning of the movie Poi E – The Story of Our Song, my mind raced back to a much earlier time.

Epic tale of Pete and his dragon

Friday August 12, 2016

IT’S BEEN a great week! Fiji won their first-ever Olympic medal, and it turned out to be gold, As a result, I have to say I indulged myself in pretty much opposite of everything my trainer would recommend.

Suicide Squad: Deadly in a good way

Saturday August 06, 2016

IF THERE is anything “to die for” this weekend, it has to be the Suicide Squad, now screening at the Empire Cinema.

Born-again Bourne is refreshing

Saturday July 30, 2016

JAMES BOND or Jason Bourne - that is the question.

WHEN THE leading crew members of USS Enterprise in Star Trek Beyond are left deserted on an unknown planet, the usually unfazed Captain James T Kirk (Chris Pine) grows a little doubt.

TO THIS day, I have never seen the original Ghostbusters, so allow me to begin this review of the 2016 version by pretending it involves no duplication of the 1984 blockbuster.

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