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Miss Cook Islands Tajiya Sahay in Wapping, London, for the Miss World pageant. Taji19112824 / 19112823 Miss Cook Islands Tajiya Sahay in Wapping, London, for the Miss World pageant. Taji19112824 / 19112823

The world – and certainly the Miss World beauty contestants – are fascinated at Miss Cook Islands Tajiya Sahay’s life. Melina Etches and Rashneel Kumar report.


Ruth Sahay has some important shopping to do before heading for London to support her daughter Tajiya at the Miss World pageant.

Not so much for Tajiya but for her friends – the fellow contestants at the prestigious pageant.

“The girls want the flowers (poi tiare). Taji always wears them and they really it. They asked me if I could bring some for them when I leave for London next week,” Ruth says.

“I was on a video chat with Taji when the girls came into her room. They also joined the conversation and told me they love Taji. She has told them all about the Cook Islands and now these girls are looking forward to visiting the country.”

At the Miss World event, Tajiya has attracted attention with the poi tiare she wears daily.

Tajiya says the other contestants now want to visit. “They are intrigued by our lives in the Cook Islands.”

She’s “loving every bit of this experience”.

“Yes I get tired and cold, and yes, it is very busy but that really doesn't bother me because I'm enjoying it all so much.”

Ruth says Tajiya has settled in well. She took part in the sports category this week, featuring for the red team. The gym instructor’s fitness paid off in the opening event, the beep test, where she was placed first in her team of eight.

Her strength doesn’t stop there: she came in second in the in 60m sprint, and placed in the agility ranking. With her group coming in last in the 400m Relay, Tajiya was the second runner, sprinting off to push up her team into second place.

Prior to her arrival in the United Kingdom, she spent 24 hours on a plane, “but Air New Zealand was very attentive and it was comfortable.”

An hour before landing in London, she felt “so very lucky she managed to take a shower in business class.”

“I felt fresh for my arrival!”

Tajiya says meeting up the other contestants was special. “Honestly, they all have something different to offer and I love learning about their culture and languages, I have learnt something new every day, they are so lovely.”

And she is comfortable with her roommate Miss Samoa: “We definitely connect on a cultural level, and we certainly look after each other.”

Interviewed on the Fab UK television channel, Tajiya looked at ease and confident.

“The girls are just amazing so kind and caring, we are always having a laugh and making everything enjoyable. It’s cool meeting girls from literally around the world and sharing stories about each other countries, this entire experience is exciting.”

She is looking forward to dancing on stage next to pop singer Peter Andre, who will be singing one of her favourite songs, “Mysterious girl”.

Ruth Sahay is asking Cook Islanders here and abroad to vote for Tajiya as she looks forward to the upcoming events at Miss World.

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