Overcoming fear through art

Wednesday November 27, 2019 Written by Published in Entertainment
Pauline Kaimarama with her finished paddle. 19112635 Pauline Kaimarama with her finished paddle. 19112635

Tereora College level three art student Pauline Kaimarama designed and painted her first wooden paddle at the eleventh hour.


It was on display at Gallery Tavioni yesterday afternoon alongside a variety of other painted and carved paddles by local artists.

Kaimarama’s unique art style is inspired by her fear of spiders. To overcome that fear, she looked at the beauty of the air-breathing arthropods instead which she explored throughout her artwork this year.

Her paddle looks into the banning of staff gods and traditional tangaroa figures, the missionary influence and its influence on the development of Tivaevae.

In addition to the paddle exhibition organised by Mike Tavioni, Tereora College has also released their College Visual Art Students Calendar for 2020.

They are selling for $30 each and feature original work from 39 individual senior Visual Art students.

You can purchase a copy from the office at Tereora College or Bounty Bookshop.

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