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‘There’s no one way to live life’

Tuesday September 24, 2019 Written by Published in Entertainment
Eva Parker. Eva Parker.

The top three ambitions on Eva Parker’s list are to graduate as a lawyer, to work in an international organisation and to travel the world.


Law appeals because that will enable her to help individuals, groups and organisations with their legal problems. Working in an international organisation and traveling will provide Eva with the opportunities to experience different cultures, see new places, meet new people and develop a wider world view whilst at the same time appreciating “there’s no one way to live life”.

And meeting new people? That is one aspect of Eva’s role in the Office of the Prime Minister she relishes. Eva is currently a personal administrator there, and she’s loving it.

“Every day there are new things to be learnt”, be that reading papers, learning how government works, or meeting new people. She’s enjoying being part of a supportive team.

The middle of five siblings, Eva reckons she was a bit of a rebel in the strict Seventh Day Adventist household but is pleased that she entered Miss Cook Islands with the full support of her family, who are very important to her.

A Titikaveka girl, Eva went to Papaaroa School, Titikaveka College and then she completed her studies at Tereora College last year. Her favourite subject at school was English, her second favourite Statistics.

Eva loves dancing and dances with Vaka Takitumu – Te Maeva Nui helps to entrench her cultural values and gives her the opportunity to express her passion for Cook Islands dancing.

Being from Titikaveka it’s not surprising that spending time at the beach is a daily ritual. Spending time with the lifelong friends she made at school is also important to Eva.

Whilst Eva might initially appear shy, she tells me she is actually very outgoing and fun to be around. Eva loves baking – especially desserts with pavlova and eclairs her speciality.

Eva has been vegetarian for just over two years. She chose this lifestyle based on her research and documentaries she has seen that demonstrate vegetarian diets to be healthier than most meat-based diets. Eva couples healthy eating with regular visits to the gym and keeping fit.

Eva has always been fascinated by the array of flowers we have here – the colours, textures and the environment they grow in. And this love of flowers flows through to her love of flowery designs and simplicity of pareu and to her love of making colourful eis.

Eva is viewing this year’s Miss Cook Islands pageant as a journey to building her self-confidence, learning more about herself and life in general, developing more friendships, getting more involved in her community and opening windows of opportunities and as an experience to enjoy and grow from.

“I believe in what Miss Cook Islands stands for and I want to use this platform to become a voice to motivate others.”

-Jaewynn McKay