Cook Islands issues AC/DC coins – but don’t expect to spend them

Monday September 16, 2019 Written by Published in Entertainment
AC/DC hard rocker Angus Young shows how he bends strings. 19091544 AC/DC hard rocker Angus Young shows how he bends strings. 19091544

A coin broker has issued a pair of commemorative Cook Islands coins to honour two classic AC/DC albums.


The band’s landmark 1981 album For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) is honoured on a silver two dollar coin, while 1990’s The Razor’s Edge can be found on a ten dollar coin. Both feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side.

It’s not the first time the company CIT Coin Invest AG has released a Cook Islands AC/DC coin: it also released some last year. The company began in 1970 as a coin trading company, but says it has since diversified into customised project management for manufacturing legal tender coins and medals.

The “CI” in CIT doesn’t actually stand for Cook Islands. It stands for “Coin Invest” – and the company is based in the tiny European principality of Liechtenstein.

That said, it’s highly unlikely anyone will try to buy $10 of petrol with one of the valuable collectible Razor’s Edge coins, or a couple of donuts with the $2 For Those About to Rock coin. They’re worth far more than their legal face value.

The For Those About to Rock coin is silver, 38.61mm across, and only 5000 will be minted. “The latest release of this successful collection is dedicated to another million-selling album (No. 1 in US) from these hard rock icons,” the company announced.

“‘For those about to rock’ is also a variation of the phrase ‘We who are about to die, salute you,’ which is how ancient gladiators greeted their emperor when entering the arena. Angus Young got the idea for the title of the song after reading a book about the ancient gladiator games. This ½ oz silver coin showcases a historic cannon and has a diameter of 38.61 mm with a striking proof finish.”

The Razors Edge $10 coin is also silver, and the same size, but four times the weight.

“Everybody knows the beginning guitar riff of ‘Thunderstruck’, which is probably the most successful song of this 1990 released album,” the company said.

“Check out the proof finish that is expertly coloured in just the right spots and a mind-blowing high relief based on our smart-minting technology is a modern 3D version of the original album cover.”

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