Tiki Taane returns the love

Saturday July 13, 2019 Written by Published in Entertainment
Tiki Taane, Matthew Harvey and Evan Short checking out the records at The Café. 19071118 Tiki Taane, Matthew Harvey and Evan Short checking out the records at The Café. 19071118

Drum’n’bass mixed with dub music is not a traditional recipe for romance.


But every time Tiki Taane plays Raro, he is reminded that it was here that he met the love of his life.

Rarotonga is a very special place for him: “It’s awesome here, definitely one of my favourite places.”

While holidaying at the Edgewater resot, he met his partner Rachel. “At half past seven it felt like heaven,’ he laughs.

Now married, they and their Charlie, 10, and Karcia, 8, have holidayed in Rarotonga a number of times.

He always tries to do one gig when he comes here. Tonight it  won’t be singing, but as MC for Concord Dawn. 

It was great for the three of them to perform together again, in their New Zealand tour, and so he’s looking forward to tonight’s encore.

Tiki takes inspiration from Concord Dawn, surviving so long doing music that in the beginning was unheard of and ungrounded. Tiki is keen to hype up crowd tonight – though perhaps in a more laidback way than what he is known for.

Taane, who has been a clear voice against institutional racism, was once performing in a Tauranga bar when police dropped in for a surprise inspection. He broke into a cover of the NWA anthem, “F*** the Police”.

Police charged him with disorderly behaviour likely to incite violence – but after mediation, they dropped the charges.

Tiki has visited and performed on Rarotonga many times and was here last year in November.    

Concord Dawn and Tiki Taane are set for a two and half hour show from 7.00pm to 11.30pm. Tickets will be available at the door from $25. The show has been sponsored by Motone productions, Island Car and Bike Hire, Raro Expo and The Bond Store.

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