Believe it or not

Tuesday January 29, 2019 Written by Published in Entertainment
Jean Ben has a big date tonight. 19012741 Jean Ben has a big date tonight. 19012741

While many people have flown in from overseas for the UB40 concert, none can have the story Jean Ben from Belmore in Sydney has.


Patiently waiting at the airport terminal on Sunday as UB40 arrived, Jean was asked: “You’ve come all this way what are you doing in Rarotonga?”

The expected answer was she was heading off to the concert but instead: “I’ve come to babysit!”

She added in explanation: “My grand-daughter and daughter are going to watch the UB40 concert.”  So Jean flew here and instead of seeing the group perform she will be: “Looking after four youngsters.”

Are they going to behave? “They’d better.”

Are you getting a dinner out in thanks? “Well I’m hoping that will happen on Thursday.”

Fingers crossed Jean. Have a great week on Rarotonga.

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