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Comedy remake hits right spot with some

Wednesday December 27, 2017 Written by Published in Entertainment

There was a point in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle that I was probably in the minority in the audience.


It would have been about 15-20 minutes in, when it seemed that just about everyone was having a blast, laughing at all the jokes, and I was struggling to find anything redeeming about the film.

While I found most of the jokes fell flat, it was full of bad clichés and plot holes would have been more at home on the backroad and the main actors were mailing it in, the audience at Empire Cinema loved it.

Jumanji is a remake of the 1995 comedy-action that starred Robin Williams, a beloved classic that hasn’t really aged that well (considering they play a board game).

The 2017 version is a new version for a new audience, as it gets recognisable stars such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black, and instead of a board game they play a video game.

This time around, the main characters are the nerd, the jock, the pretty girl and the loner, all who are sucked into the video and become characters that are opposite to their real lives.

So the nerd becomes the Rock, the jock turns into Hart, Jack Black acts as the pretty girl and the loner is transformed into the attractive Karen Gillan (who is best known from Guardians of the Galaxy).

Once they arrive in the Jumanji jungle, the world is in danger for some reason and only they can save it.

Rhys Darby appears to exposit information before setting our heroes loose in the jungle, where they are being chased by people on motorbikes, who are trying to get a precious jewel from them that will give the bad guy powers.

All four characters find that they are given three “lives”, which means that you can almost be sure that no one will ever really be in danger.

In saying that, this movie seems to be a crowd pleaser for all ages.

It is easy to follow because the movie “signposts” where it is going, the actors are recognisable, and there are spurts of action designed to stimulate your brain and keep you interested.

There are lots of jokes, so even if you only laugh at 50 per cent, that is still a large part of the movie that you might find funny.

Children will like this because it isn’t too scary, no-one is ever really in danger, and it is packed with things that will be enjoyable over the near two-hour run time.

This will not be the movie for you if you’re looking for a clever action movie that has unique set-pieces or interesting dialogue or characters.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle follows the trend of recent Hollywood movies that don’t focus on the story. Instead they focus on action scenes, and they hire big name action stars to put bums in seats.

And considering how popular the movie was on Thursday night, for this one at least, it seems that formula is a hit.

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