Gary of the Pacific a total letdown

Monday March 27, 2017 Written by Published in Entertainment

When Chloe (Megan Stevenson) abruptly leaves her wedding, calling the protagonist and her husband to be Gary (Josh Thomson) “gross” in the movie Gary from the Pacific, I felt the same.


Not just because Thomson’s character is actually quite gross, but because the movie, which was mostly shot in the Cook Islands is awfully painful.

Gary from the Pacific is supposed to be a comedy. But I just found it plain irritating.

In the opening scene, the young Gary discovers a dolphin washed up to the shore of their tiny island and he rushes home to call his family.

I thought they would help the poor dolphin back into the water.

But, “nek minute’, a knife comes down, slashing the dolphin’s head and the islanders feast on it. Gross!

Then the adult Gary in one scene, with simply no logical reason, strips down to show his ugly-looking bum. Gross!

Midway through the movie, when Chloe arrives on Gary’s island, she accidently drops a cute-looking, fluffy dog in the water which gets crushed in the propeller of the outboard motor. Gross again!

In yet another scene, an island boy shows off his genitals with his mum’s earrings pierced on them. Totally gross!

This was it. I had seen and suffered enough by this time.

Gary of the Pacific is about a struggling Palmerston North real-estate agent named Gary Vasisi who is called back to see his dying father, chief of a sinking island in the Pacific.

After his father dies, Gary who learns that his late father saved money to relocate his people to another island, decides to take over the chief’s crown after initially rejecting the proposal which came from his sister.

He plans to use the money to give his American girlfriend Chloe the wedding she has been dreaming for.

Soon, the truth about Gary and his string of failed business ventures come to light as he is left at the crossroads with a choice between money and the welfare of his people.

Gary of the Pacific is hardly a realistic depiction of the Pacific.

It is written and directed by Thedownlowconcept, which comprises American writers who appear to lack any understanding of Pacific life.

The story is shallow, apparently based on a myth about Pacific Islanders and in many ways, it is insulting.

The makers of this film surely seemed to have run out of ideas, repeating a concept seen in their earlier acclaimed flick Only Son which also stars Thomson.

The jokes aren’t funny. Most of the movie’s content is absurd and even lines which have the potential to be witty lacks the delivery to make an effective impact.

The plot is a big letdown. There’s nothing wrong with the concept – sinking islands are a reality in the Pacific. But the story woven around the subject is a complete failure.

There’s just one redeeming feature – despite the weak plot, most of the actors put on satisfactory performances.

But when it comes down to it, Gary of the Pacific is just gross!

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