Kiwi star J Williams to perform at Hidies'

Thursday February 09, 2017 Written by Published in Entertainment
J Williams will be in town for a show at Hidie’s on Friday night. 17020822 J Williams will be in town for a show at Hidie’s on Friday night. 17020822

Kiwi music star J Williams is jetting into Rarotonga on Thursday for a one-off show, supported by G-Dub, at Hidie’s this Friday night.


It is his first trip to The Rock and he says: “That’s why I’m so excited … not only to perform, but to experience this beautiful island and meet the people.”

And Rarotongans have his good friend Che Fu to thank for the chance to see the chart-topping musician.

J Williams says: “I was approached by a good friend and fellow NZ musician Che Fu who told me about doing a show here and a lightbulb flickered in my head.

“Luckily enough G from 88FM got in contact with me and straight away I said ‘yeah, let’s do this.’

“Now I’m fortunate enough to not only be performing at Hidie’s, but I’ll be swimming in the waters of Rarotonga!”

J Williams says he still gets surprised at the following he has here in the Cook Islands.

He is based in Melbourne, Australia, and says: “It’s just a privilege to see how much the listeners actually connect with my music.”

He first came to fame with the street dance group Dziah.

“The Dziah boys taught me a lot about not only dance, but entertainment in general. Like how to keep a crowd wanting more.

“I definitely use these skills with my solo performances, but now being a solo performer I’ve been pushed from the back of the dance crew formations to the front under a spotlight.

“Initially that took some time to get used to, but with a lot of practice it becomes natural.”

But being solo does entail more pressure.

“There is definitely more pressure, little mistakes can’t be made up for from your team-mates so everything has to be and sound as clean as it can be.

“It takes practice to be able to fully enjoy it, the more practice you have the more enjoyable it becomes.”

J Williams has had chart success – including a No.1 single in New Zealand – and he says: “It feels like a huge accomplishment - hard work does pay off.

“I truly believe if you can put your mind, heart, soul and full focus into anything you want to be - whether it be a doctor or pro-sportsman - you can do it!

“It’s all about your mind state.”

Asked if a No.1 single is better than a great live performance he answers: “Totally different vibe to both. A No.1 single is amazing because people are actually connecting and buying your music, whereas in a great live performance we are creating and connecting live, in-your-face entertainment.

“There’s not one that Ii would prefer over the other.”

But it must pay better?

“Yeah, it does pay better, but with that comes more pressure so you have got to be able to handle that as well ...”

Being more experienced is J Williams coping better now with celebrity status?

“Yeah. One of the reasons I moved to Australia is to grow and learn more about myself and this bigger world we live in.

“Also to take a step away from the New Zealand music celebrity status for a while and it’s been a huge stepping stone in my life.

“But, in saying that, this year I have a lot of projects happening with our new entertainment company Williams Entertainment and new music with our new band The OGBs (Original Garage Band).”

J Williams will be on Rarotonga for three days and nights and he says he will be making the most of it. “Good times ahead!”

And he reckons he will be back for a holiday and maybe another show. “We’ll be back here in Rarotonga playing our new hits we have been working on very soon.”  

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