Battle for survival in Warcraft

Monday June 20, 2016 Written by Published in Entertainment
scene from the movie Warcraft, now screening at the Empire Cinema. The movie is built around a battle between humans and orcs.16061709 scene from the movie Warcraft, now screening at the Empire Cinema. The movie is built around a battle between humans and orcs.16061709

BEFORE I get judged for what will follow next, let me clarify something.


I’m not a video game junkie so when there was this fuss among my mates about the release of the movie Warcraft; I had no clue what the hype was all about.

My friends, however, were rubbing their hands with glee as they awaited the release of the movie, which hit the screen at Empire Cinema this week.

It’s because Warcraft is an adaption of a highly popular video game franchise of same name, which they adore.

I don’t, so I didn’t care much and without much expectation, I set off to check out this so-called epic American fantasy.

Back in the mediaeval days, the home world of the orcs, Draenor, comes under threat of extinction and in a bid to save his kind, orc shaman Gul’dan (Daniel Wu) uses dark magic by draining the life out of his captives to open a gateway to the human realm of Azeroth.

He organises the orc clan into a fierce and conquering army called the Horde.

They are joined by the noble orc chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan, Durotan (Toby Kebbell) who is battling to save his exiled clan and his pregnant wife.

The orc contingent also includes Garona Halforcen (Paula Patton), a strong-willed orc-draenei survivor.

In the human realm, Gul’dan summons his army to war, taking humans under his captive and using them as a sacrifice to fuel his magic.

The news of orc invasion in Azeroth reaches the mighty warrior Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), who unites forces with King Llane (Dominic Cooper) and the powerful wizard Medivh (Ben Foster) to protect their land from these hulking invaders.

But their battle against the orcs comes at a price.

Director and co-writer Duncan Jones, whose earlier two movies Moon and Source Code were highly commended for its cinematic brilliance, may have fallen a bit short in his latest venture.

Warcraft (also known as Warcraft: The Beginning) may have the cash registers at the box office ringing but it lacks the cinema appeal for which his earlier two movies were praised.

The battles in this movie are all too brief and to me, it seemed there was no real heart in most of those action sequences.


Warcraft is a story that delves around a father-son relationship, set in a backdrop of a war for survival.

It has a visual brilliance which at times will leave you spellbound, but the story runs in a pretty slow pace.

Maybe that’s because the makers have plans for a few sequels in the future.

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