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Raro’s the best, says visiting musician

Tuesday April 12, 2016 Written by Published in Entertainment
New Zealand musician Greg Johnson will be performing at Sails Restaurant in Muri tonight. 16040618 New Zealand musician Greg Johnson will be performing at Sails Restaurant in Muri tonight. 16040618

Thanks to serendipity and the work of local promoters Motone, it’s a big week for live imported entertainment this week, with both top class music and comedy on offer. Tonight acclaimed New Zealand musician Greg Johnson, now based in Los Angeles, will play at Sails Restaurant, in Muri. And on Friday, Kiwi comics Improv Bandits will feature at CocoPutt in Arorangi. Yesterday Greg Johnson took time out from relaxing and enjoying his first visit to Rarotonga to answer a few questions.


 CI News: What brought you to Rarotonga (apart from the obvious AirNZ/Virgin/Jetstar!)

GJ: A friend is having an anniversary party so we thought we’d do another show here as well

CI News: Is this your first visit to Rarotonga?

GJ: First time! I’ve been to a few Pacific islands, but obviously left the best for last.

CI News: You’ve had a few days to relax and look around and get some idea of the local lifestyle. What do you reckon?

GJ: This is the best-kept secret in the Pacific. I love it. I won’t tell anyone, so it never changes.

CI News: I haven’t seen you perform since, I think, the late 1990s in Tauranga, New Zealand. How has your music changed and developed over the last decade or so and what kind of music can the audience at Sails on Wednesday night expect to hear?

GJ: I do what I do, which is tell tall stories with a melodic twist.

CI News: Will it be a solo performance, or have you roped in some locals to back you?

GJ: I’ll have Ben King with me, who is ex-New Zealand band Goldenhorse

CI News: How’s your new album, Swing the Lantern, doing?

GJ: It’s album No. 10 for me, produced by Wayne Bell. We’ll play a few off that and a few old ones too.

CI News: You are based in the US now. Would you tell us a little about your life there and what you’re up to? Do you make it back to New Zealand now and again?

GJ: I mostly do studio stuff in Los Angeles these days and get back to New Zealand for shows once a year or so. My wife is a stuntwoman, so she’s a lot more interesting than me!

CI News: When you leave Rarotonga I understand you’re doing some gigs with Scottish band the Proclaimers in New Zealand. Looking forward to that?

GJ: I very much enjoy the Proclaimers and their mad Scots accents. They’re great story tellers so we should get on very well!


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