Grimy jokes let Grimsby down

Saturday March 19, 2016 Written by Published in Entertainment
Sacha Baron Cohen, right, as Nobby and Mark Strong as Sebastian in the movie Grimsby screening at the Empire Cinema. 16031808 Sacha Baron Cohen, right, as Nobby and Mark Strong as Sebastian in the movie Grimsby screening at the Empire Cinema. 16031808

Be warned: Grimsby is a rated movie and is strictly for those 16 and over.


Someone made a mistake during the first screening of this flick at the Empire Cinema by sneaking in a boy who looked 10 to 12 years old.

He had to block this kid’s view of the screen several times during the movie.

Things do get a bit intense in some scenes during this movie and even I felt awkward at some of the more explicit scenes. They were just ridiculous.

Anyway. Grimsby is about dimwitted Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen), a crazy football lover, who lives in an English fishing town with his loving girlfriend Dawn Grobham (Rebel Wilson) and 11 children. Yes, that’s right, 11 children!

Nobby’s daily life rotates around watching footie and spending time at the bar with his beer-bellied friends.

For the last 28 years, Nobby has been searching for his long-lost brother Sebastian (Mark Strong), who has now become one of the finest M16 agents.

Nobby hears Sebastian is coming to London to attend an event organised by Rhonda George (Penelope Cruz), an actress who wants to help cure the world of disease. He sets out to meet him there.

Sebastian is on an assignment to stop a planned assassination of Rhonda but Nobby interferes, which results in the death of a World Health Organisation bigwig.

Sebastian then becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the WHO official and is being hunted by the authorities, including his own agency.

But in order to prove his innocence and bring the real perpetrator to justice, he will need the good-for-nothing Nobby’s help. Unfortunately, it’s help which comes with lot of pain and insane ideas.

It’s surprising why a renowned French director such as Louis Leterrier jumped into a project like this.

Grimsby is nowhere near the quality of his earlier projects which include the likes of two Transporter films, Unleashed (2005), The Incredible Hulk (2008), Clash of the Titans (2010) and Now You See Me.

They featured some brilliant cinema characterised by high-octane fighting scenes and sensible storylines.

There were glimpses of the former in Grimsby but little sight of the latter which was the biggest letdown in this movie.

Anyone who has seen Sacha Baron Cohen’s movies will have some  idea what to expect. He is known for mindless and vulgar movies.

Cohen likes experimenting different characters and gained fame with the roles he depicted in Borat, Bruno and The Dictator. But in the Grimsby, he went a bit too far in overcooking those explicit scenes which ultimately spoils the soup.

In a scene while escaping from the rogue M16 agents, Nobby and Sebastian have to seek refuge in a body part we won’t mention, of an elephant.

If that is not disgusting enough, the duo have to weather a barrage of blows from a male elephant before escaping.

Grimsby features crude sexual content, graphic nudity, violence, language, and some drug use.

It has worked for Cohen’s other movies but maybe not this one.

Grimsby is funny but then when the jokes become vulgar, the fun turns into disgust and the movie becomes unbearable.

But some may still enjoy it.

For a much cleaner comedy, check out Zootopia which is from the creators of Frozen.

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