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Friday October 16, 2015 Written by Published in Entertainment
From left, Miss Cook Islands Felicia George, O-Hiva Williams, Miss Pacifi c Latafale Auva’a and former Miss South Pacifi c Teuira Napa, pictured on Mangaia. From left, Miss Cook Islands Felicia George, O-Hiva Williams, Miss Pacifi c Latafale Auva’a and former Miss South Pacifi c Teuira Napa, pictured on Mangaia.

Miss Pacific Islands and her chaperone Kristian Scanlan left the Cook Islands on Wednesday this week with a renewed sense of support for the nation as hosts of Miss Pacific 2015.


The Samoan beauty queen was visiting the island to launch the Miss Pacific Islands pageant and to show support for the Miss Cook Islands Pageant Association as hosts.

Miss Pacific, Latafale Auva’a will not be attending the pageant in December, as she will be competing as Miss Samoa in the Miss World Pageant.

However, the honour of crowning the new Pacific queen has gone to our own former Miss South Pacific, Teuira Napa.

While the pageant is not until December, Scanlan, who is also secretary of the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant, says it was important for them to visit and begin preparations.

Scanlan was also visiting to ensure that everything is in place for the upcoming pageant.

“I am very excited to go back and report to the board that the Cook Islands is more than ready,” he says.

Scanlan, on behalf of the Miss Pacific Board, reiterates their support for MCIPA as the hosting association.

“Miss Cook Islands Pageant Association is the franchise holder for Miss Pacific Islands in the Cook Islands, and they always have been.”

Scanlan says he looking forward to bringing more of the girls over in December and not just to Rarotonga, but also Aitutaki and possibly some of the other islands.

While here, Miss Pacific and her entourage including Miss Cook Islands Felicia George, former Miss South Pacific Teuira Napa and MCIPA executives, visited Mangaia and Aitutaki.

Scanlan says the reception on Mangaia was “amazing,” and people were very appreciative of them being there.

“We had a show there and Miss Pacific Islands performed, and we also visited the caves.”

Of Aitutaki, Scanlan says it was a totally different experience.

“We’ve been very busy since we arrived, visiting schools, hospitals and disability centres.”

As a hosting nation, Scanlan says the Cook Islands have everything to offer.

“It’s so beautiful and small here and compared to back home in Samoa, which is a lot bigger.”

With Rarotonga being such a small island, Scanlon says he imagines everyone will know about the pageant.

He says the organisers are looking forward to seeing the support for the competitors, who come from around the Pacific.

“The Cook Islands is pageant-crazy. Everyone here just loves pageants.”

Scanlan says it also an exciting opportunity for the Cook Islands, as the nation which has won the most Miss Pacific titles.

Currently 10 countries are confirmed for Miss Pacific in December, although Scanlan says some have not yet had their own pageants.

Participating countries include Samoa, American Samoa, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Tonga, Niue, Vanuatu, Papa New Guinea, Tahiti, Hawaii and Easter Island.

Thanks to Kristian Scanlan and Blondie’s Photography for the photos from the outer islands. 

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