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Tuesday September 29, 2015 Written by Published in Entertainment

Dear Editor,

The distortions of facts and innuendos alleged by Miss Cook Islands Pageant Association in the article in Cook Islands News on September 28 require some reply.


One item says that it “emerged” after my election as president that a family member had “now” been appointed Miss Cook Islands and that Teuira Napa was no longer Miss Cook Islands.

I was appointed president in May 2015.

You might correct this report by republishing the article and photo of Clee Marsters which appeared in Cook Islands News on September 15 last year, referring to Teuira handing over her crown to Antonina Browne so Antonina could contest the 2014 Miss Pacific Islands.

My association has never suggested that the mismanagement of MCIPA should have any consequence for past winners of Miss Cook Islands.

Our position is that from 2015 the management of such events should be properly conducted in accordance with formal constitutions, and not on the whim of individuals.

            Dianna Clarke-Bates

            President, Miss Cook Islands  Association Inc

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