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Bondi Vet heads for Raro

Saturday October 25, 2014 Written by Published in Entertainment
Bondi Vet heads for Raro

Australian television’s handsome veterinarian Doctor Chris Brown (pictured) will be visiting Rarotonga shortly and be available for consultations.

Bondi Vet is an unscripted observational documentary series set against the breath-taking Bondi Beach, chronicling Dr Chris’ daily life as a vet in a busy urban environment, as well as his work at local zoos and in rural communities.
Dr Chris will be on the island with his team from October 28 to 31 and will teaming up with the volunteers at Esther Honey Clinic in Nikao.
The diversity of the cases Dr Chris treats is amazing, from dogs with cancer to a penguin with a cold. Dr Chris is on call 24 hours a day for emergency calls. In these cases a few minutes can make the difference between life or death.
If you have a special case that Dr Chris may be able to help or for consultations – touch base with the team at Esther Honey.

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