Nativity through the eyes of animals

Nativity through the eyes of animals

When you think about the story of Jesus on film, most movies seem to follow a similar theme - his life, his death, and ultimately, his resurrection.

I’m in love with ‘Mexican Moana’

When it was announced that Coco would be the one to follow the amazing film that was Moana, it looked like Disney might have learned all the wrong lessons from the successful Polynesian film.

Real-life superheroes fight fire with fire

This week sees the release of a new superhero team-up movie, Only the Brave.

Acknowledging God as ultimate power

“Christ the King” is a title of Jesus Christ.

Always time to do the right thing

The phrase, “it is always time to do the right thing” was a favourite of Dr Martin Luther King jr. who often confronted those who said civil rights were needed but the time was not right. Might these words apply to an issue like climate change today?