A policeman’s journey...

A policeman’s journey...

Enjoying the retired life, Peter Marshall was walking down a New Zealand street one day about 12 months ago when his mobile phone rang.

Diverse cultures at ACP meeting

Multi-lingual meeting brings media organisations into being.

The Great Wall not so great after all

If you watch the Jimmy Kimmel Live shows, you will notice an interesting feud between the host and actor Matt Damon. It has been running for decades. 

'The Kutu Shop' - The place to go for a real bargain

If you've decided to go to a garage sale this weekend or maybe even sell some items you no longer want to use, make a trip to the Kutu Shop first.

Hotel right up front with phone book advertising

The first print run for the Cook Islands Telephone Directory for 2017 has arrived on Rarotonga. 



Risen, a new biblical mystery-thriller