The photographer and the carver – friendship and freedom

The photographer and the carver – friendship and freedom

Award-winning photographer Alex King was awestruck at being let into the life and work of artist Mike Tavioni. He, in turn, was surprised she saw value in his art and workmanship. Together, they are taking his traditional art to the world.

Grief in Covid: Giving dad his dying wish

Nooroa Mata tried to return home to Atiu before the border closed.

Banking on a Shaw thing: The financier and her daughter

New Zealander Bernadette Shaw has been carjacked in Papua New Guinea and ducked drunken fights in Darwin, yet it’s in her latest role leading a Cook Islands bank through the Covid crisis that this risk-averse financier is exploring her wildest frontier. 

Phillip Nordt: Everyone in Raro should grow eggplant

RECIPE: The humble aubergine or eggplant has quite amazing flavours when prepared correctly.

Quarantine Quiz: The Sydney Opera House, Prada and Mangaia

What is the Mangaia word for “speak, speech”? Be part of today's quiz to find out.


Moana of the reef: ‘The water to me is like food’


Singing strings