Happy feet

Happy feet

Joshua Matakino still carries the scars of the drunken bike accident that nearly killed him. Now, given a second chance, he’s grasping life with new vigour and determination. Losirene Lacanivalu meets him.

See no evil, buy no evil

Cook Islands artists and artisans are competing for the tourist dollar against imported tack and rip-offs. So, what price authenticity? Anneka Brown investigates.

Why investing in our teachers is investing in the future

Education leaders believe power will be returned to the people of the Cook Islands if more locals study here and stay here to work – but right now, tertiary study in Cook Islands is unattainable for many. 

The karate kids

An unprecedented four young Cook Islands have won their black belts in karate. Rashneel Kumar meets them.

Cook Islanders can do anything, ‘I’m the proof’

Former Miss Cook Islands Teuira Napa has conquered one of her biggest challenges starring in the Hawaiian movie The Islands, to premiere in Cook Islands this week. 


See no evil, buy no evil


‘Neither do I condemn you’


My family are proud’

Hot on the Rock