Our own Cook Islands superheroes

Our own Cook Islands superheroes

After discovering how little has been written for our young people about their heritage, teacher David Riley has taken on the task of publishing the stories of Cook Islands heroes, old and new. Young Cook Islands News writer Hereiti File discusses with him the burden of learning and telling Cook Islands history.

How our small Pacific nation brought Australia’s suffering peoples to tears

Cook Islands volunteers have eaten and sung and shed tears with Aboriginal families devastated by the Australian bushfires – just one of the new bonds forged between the two countries as the Great Southern Land endures a time of suffering.  

Mariana Ryan: Eating in, in the pink

FOOD COLUMN: What’s for dinner? The inevitable question on everyone’s mind mid-afternoon here in Rarotonga. Heck, I start that anxiety triggering process from the moment I wake up.

Keys to host responsibility: Step up to save lives

In the early hours at the weekend, you can see happy people piling out of bars and nightclubs after downing a few cold beverages. Some will pull the keys to their car or bike from their pocket, to drive home.  They may be making the biggest and worst decision of their lives.


Historian ‘tore a few blankets off cover-up’


Church talk: In time of turmoil, we do not need  to let our fears displace our faith


Food, fun and fair play: ‘Shows end, but the message lives on’

Hot on the Rock

When you’re in a  hole, keep digging