Nolan strikes a masterpiece in Dunkirk

Nolan strikes a masterpiece in Dunkirk

At first Dunkirk sounded like some battalion name to me when the trailer of this movie was released at the Empire Cinema.

Restraining power of Christ

To restrain means to hold back from action, from committing –  to check, limit, or restrict.

The Mummy is a big letdown

Some pasts should remain buried forever, and the subject matter of The Mummy is one of them.

Pirates of the Caribbean still under full sail

When I was referred to a damning review of the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie from a well-known US entertainment magazine, I decided not to take a peek.

Second John Wick twice as good

Just the other day when things became a bit tedious at work, we entertained ourselves to a mini debate on how good an actor Keanu Reeves is.