About our logo

About our logo

Have you ever wondered where the Cook Islands News logo came from?

In 2008, CINews underwent a rebrand. This included designing an original logo, a new masthead, and introducing a new six-column format, new type faces and design.

At the time, then-Managing Editor John Woods, who now acts as Publisher, said the rebrand was a reflection of the service the newspaper provides, as well as the Cook Islands itself.

“The logo, and the graphic devices in the newspaper, include images that belong to the Cook Islands… Together these motifs were combined in a circle or wheel, which symbolises unity and represents how Cook Islands News reflects each of these aspects every day through solid journalism.”

Aspects of the logo include:

  • To represent People, we used a variation of the pattern ‘Ni’ o Mango’ which symbolises strength, cunning, fearlessness, endurance and aggression.
  • To represent Culture, ‘Tikitiki Tangata’ was used. It symbolises the people of the Cook Islands united together through language, beliefs, religion and history.
  • To convey the beauty of Cook Islands Lifestyle, the pattern ‘Ngaru’ was used. Traditionally it represents the ocean and symbolises strength and peace.
  • ‘Manu Tai’ symbolises safe journeys, bringing the Cook Islands together as one, and is used to represent the islands themselves.

“We brought in design experts Woods Creative, a firm connected to us by family, to take us through the process of rebranding,” said Woods in 2008. “They got us to review the newspaper’s history since the 1940s, its role in serving Cook Islanders, and its mission as a 21st century media business.”

A number of local artists contributed ideas for the design, including Mike Tavioni who shared his knowledge of traditional motifs, symbols and meanings.